Today , this is the verse that I feel I need to share.

We live in a harsh world, nothing is as what we want it to be or thought it was going to be. When we were little ; we wondered what our lives would be like when we were adults! We would have the perfect house with the white fence , a few kids , awesome job, everything we wanted would somehow magically appear.

There may be a small percentage of people who have that and that’s wonderful , but most of us have to work at everything we have.

Life isn’t a bowl of cherries. Reality comes in fast when we see things like bills and the lack of funds to pay them. When friendships break , when people wrongly accuse you, when you feel there is no one in this world that loves you. Things like this play on ones mind and it is easy to down spiral into despair. But there should be HOPE.  Hope in a GOD that made the Heavens and the Earth, HOPE in a God that loves you and cares for you, HOPE in  a GOD that says,  ” Come closer, I want to whisper into your ear.”

I have been down that spiral staircase and back, I know how it feels, but you have to change your mindset to start heading back up that staircase! Its a mindset change, as simple as it sounds; its a difficult thing to do. Positive thinking: ” I can do it” , “There is someone gunning for me.”, “I can move to square one and there will be someone to help me.” That is the beginning! Of course , I also would pray because without GOD and His words to us, I don’t think personally, I could have done it.

So, wherever you are at today, be blessed knowing GOD is there for you. He has known you even before you were in your mothers womb! He created you, don’t you think He would care about every detail of your life? Don’t you think He wants to see the best for you? He cares about the little birds of the field, surely He cares far more about you!

Think differently about yourself today! Have HOPE, and find rest in the GOD of our creation!  Blessings ,