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July is here!

Hi All,

Can you believe that July is actually here? I cant!

July 1st was Canada’s 150 Birthday! So, a big deal here ! Tomorrow is a big deal in the USA! July 4th!

Only 8 more weeks or so till the wedding and I can not believe the time has gone by so fast with work and getting stuff ready and life.

I hope your staying close to the Lord and keeping Him in your heart .

I hope you have had time to spend with Him daily – whether its talking to Him or praying, listening or journaling.

I have been trying to find time to finish up this Bio.

Its harder than you think! Finding time; being in the right mood; taking time to add and take away parts. Writing is a lot of work!.

I have been busy with more hours at work so IĀ  have not had that extra time I need to finish , but Lord willing soon I will.

Take it easy this summer:), Have fun!



Hello All,

Sorry its taken me so so long to write in here.

Lots has happened sinceĀ  I last wrote you.

We had some large gatherings for my daughters upcoming wedding, some things changed with the Meetings we go to Sunday and Monday nights, We had my son come back from Quebec and his lovely girlfriend came as well.

We went to Niagara Falls and just hung out around here . It all was busy but we enjoyed our company and now getting back to normal.

My job also changed a bit and I have more hours in the week than I use too. Double the hours actually ; so that keeps me busy on top of everything.

We are looking forward to the wedding beginning of September and are finishing up stuff for that – well, with dresses and the girl things.

I’m sure there is a lot of other stuff I am not thinking of.

What are you doing this summer?.

Sheldon and I are thinking of going to PA to see a live theatre play this summer. Don’t know yet when but we are excited about getting away for a few days.

Have a great summer! I’ll try to write more on here. I am more on Facebook than I am on here so follow me on FB and get more up to dates from there.

I am still writing my book; just want to be obedient to the HOLY SPIRIT and let it happen in His time.


GOD BLESS each of you.


Settling in finely

Hi Friends,

We are starting to settle in and feel like this is a nice new place to call home.

We found a big pond with geese and ducks just down the street 2 minutes from our house! What a wonderful surprise!.

The Lord has blessed us with a nice home to live in ; and nice pond nearby. He knew I would love the animals and nature close by.

A few days ago we went to see a white SUV that we would like to purchase- and decided to buy it. We pick it up next week.

Everything is coming to pass and we give GOD the GLORY!

We had hopes and dreams and we didn’t give up but kept pressing in.

Here are a few pictures of our new place and the pond.

Have a great week!


We moved!

Hey all,

We have moved today. We got up before 7am and started at 8:30.

It was a big effort on all 16 of us.

Our bodies are sore; our feet are sore but we love it here.

I’m too tired to type, I’m done for the day and tomorrow is a new day! Thank GOD.

Enjoy your week!, I’ll be unpacking and throwing stuff away!


Hi, Happy April to you!

Happy April to each of you!

April has been going by so fast! I celebrated my birthday on the 12th and had some nice family time.

We have been packing and going through drawers as well as cleaning up everything. We move in 6 days!

We got the keys yesterday and we have been busy cleaning the new place as well as moving different boxes over.

My work hours have increased a few days last week and this week ; which makes for long 11 hour work days.

Today is Easter and I always am grateful and remembering the Love Jesus has for me. I am sure you too have been thanking Him today as well.

Bless each of you, be thankful for your family and life.

I will write once we have moved. Keep us in your prayers,