Hello All,

Sorry its taken me so so long to write in here.

Lots has happened sinceĀ  I last wrote you.

We had some large gatherings for my daughters upcoming wedding, some things changed with the Meetings we go to Sunday and Monday nights, We had my son come back from Quebec and his lovely girlfriend came as well.

We went to Niagara Falls and just hung out around here . It all was busy but we enjoyed our company and now getting back to normal.

My job also changed a bit and I have more hours in the week than I use too. Double the hours actually ; so that keeps me busy on top of everything.

We are looking forward to the wedding beginning of September and are finishing up stuff for that – well, with dresses and the girl things.

I’m sure there is a lot of other stuff I am not thinking of.

What are you doing this summer?.

Sheldon and I are thinking of going to PA to see a live theatre play this summer. Don’t know yet when but we are excited about getting away for a few days.

Have a great summer! I’ll try to write more on here. I am more on Facebook than I am on here so follow me on FB and get more up to dates from there.

I am still writing my book; just want to be obedient to the HOLY SPIRIT and let it happen in His time.


GOD BLESS each of you.