Hi Everyone,

I forgot to update you on our lives as of late.

We put our house up for sale last Friday and we sold our house this week on Wednesday evening! We got above asking price and everything has worked out perfectly.

We already have a place and are moving in April 22nd. We actually get the keys earlier but we can take that time to clean and move small things over before the actual date.

We are happy and excited with this whole process. I had a word given to me over two yrs ago and I kept that in my heart and mind. I held onto it and just kept hoping. The word was that we would sell our house for overasking and that it would not be as stressful as 3 yrs ago when we tried to sell our house but did not succeed. IT was so stressful I had developed Plantar Fasciitis and we had to  take the house off the market.

This is a good example : keep holding on to what the Lord tells you even if its years down the road. He hasn’t forgotten what He said.

Believe and Receive!,

Have a great Spring! I think it will be here soon.


March On


How is everyone doing?!

I’m sorry I was going to write when I was in Orlando but as I was on vacation; apparently so was my brain.

We had a wonderful vacation in Orlando. The weather was pretty good; it wasn’t boiling hot but a nice sunshine and I was able to relax and work on my book as well as have some great talks with my hubby and our friends.

Being in the sunshine state gave me a new refreshing !. You know how you feel when your in the same spot for  what seems like a long time?.  Then, you get stuck there ?. You sometimes need to look at it at a different perspective ; or from a different angle?.

Different scenery and the sun definitely can help any low. To get out and be in short sleeves and walk around listening to nature and feeling the breeze on your face. It is so refreshing!

I didn’t miss the snow and cold temps. I didn’t miss having to get my boots and coats on. I didn’t miss having to get my scarf and hat with mitts on!. I didn’t miss the salting or sanding the driveway to get rid of ice. I didn’t miss shoveling! ( well, I don’t do that usually anyways-)

Sometimes in life its like this isn’t it.?. Your feeling stuck in the same old :same old and you just need a small break ! To be  looking at life in a different perspective. It really helps.:)

I encourage you today ; if you feel like a hamster running in a wheel, to get off the wheel even for a day and just focus on GOD and His creation!. Take a walk- a drive, talk to Him. He is there waiting to hear from you! Let Him love on you.

Spring is around the corner, take time for yourself. Take time with GOD.