Busy days ahead


How are you guys?

I have been super busy with going with my daughter to find a wedding dress and as well as my own stuff; work; life; cleaning; writing; packing as I am flying to Orlando in less than a week.

I am looking forward to this holiday as I am so needing time to just sit and relax. I will get to swim and finish writing my book; as well as having some fun! Bring on this holiday!

I have been praying a lot about different stuff for my life; each person in my familys lives; regional stuff; work stuff. It takes me a while to get through the list! But I know that God hears us even our thoughts.

Have a great week ! We in Canada have a holiday here tomorrow as its Family Day. I will be working my normal hours starting Tuesday and then I have a break. Very much needed break.

Blessings and ill write from Orlando soon:)!! I can’t wait!!! Come on Orlando!!!!!!~