Reflection and Encouragement : New Years Eve 2016

Reflecting on 2016, What have you gone through this year? Have you accomplished all you set out to do?, Was it a year of great production or great failure?

If not don’t be hard on yourself, we are all human.

As humans we desire acceptance , and love. We want peoples opinions of us, we want to be important to someone.

You know that God accepts and loves us; He has such a deep love for us that peoples opinions shouldn’t matter, because we are important to Him!.

2016 was about walking through an Open Door.  I believe 2017 is about doing what you have been called to do- What you have walked through the door to do! Does that make sense?.

It is TIME people of GOD! The army is gathered and it is time to go!

As we do this I pray Gods Grace, Favor, Strength and Provision upon each of you. We don’t have to walk forward alone and without an armor!

To those of you who are not sure what I am talking about and who are feeling alone ; I have this to say to you. I pray for you that you will become closer to the GOD that cares and loves you. The God who created you to be somebody in this world. You are wanted ; you are desired ; you are loved by many and we are blessed to have you here in the time with us. Lift up your face to Heaven and let truth be poured out into you; truth that will set you free.

Lets stop the fighting and complaining about one another  and lets start the Loving and the healing of one another.

My desire for myself is that I will be the testimony in someone’s life that propelled them into their calling and destiny.

May Christ’s Light shine through me to show His love for you.

Blessings my friends in the Year 2017. Make a difference in someone’s life. Maybe even your own.



Its the most wonderful time of the year

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MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow , It feels like a long time since I had time to write on here.

I went to a wonderful woman conference in North Carolina a few weeks ago with a friend. We were so blessed from the place we stayed to the new people we met; to the speakers who spoke.  I really loved the whole time I was there. I will speak more of this another time. Here I am with my friend , Liz; whom I drove down with to NC.

So, the question I keep hearing. Are you ready for Christmas? YES I am! I actually went out one day and got most of it done ; then I just finished last night.

What does Christmas mean to you? Is it Jesus birth that you celebrate? Is it the gifts that you enjoy? Is it the fellowship that you long for? Leave me a message at the end of this blog!:)

What do I enjoy at Christmas time? Well, I still enjoy the simple walks at night with the Christmas lights in the park. I recently did that with Sheldon and our youngest daughter. Let me find a picture.

There you go:)! It was as beautiful as is captured on this photo. It had just snowed the day before and it was a nice cool evening. The crunch of the snow under my boots and the lights lite up the walkways. After the walk some of us enjoyed hot chocolate from Tim Hortons. ( not me) .

Then, I had a work Christmas dinner and at the same week a family get together . We went to see Sister Act , the play at a theatre. After the play, we went to eat at a nice restaurant. It was nice to be together.

This weekend, we have several get together with friends and family. I am also looking forward to this time of relaxing and laughing. There will be lots of eating and pictures I am sure.

Soon it will be 2017, what are you excited about for the new year?.

I am going to set aside more time for family and for me. Perhaps a few holidays with friends and my family. More time with GOD.

I am currently writing my autobiography and I need more time to just focus and write. I will let you know when it is ready :)! so exciting.

Bless your Christmas and enjoy this time with your family; and if you don’t have family here- I’m sorry- I know how you feel. My mom and dad are in Heaven looking down  as I type.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! BLESSING in abundance . This is our tree outside our house that we decorate each year. WIth the new fallen snow; it looks beautiful!

Remember JESUS is the Reason for this season!

love, Judith