Therefore There Is NO Condemnation …


Hi Friends,

I posted a blog onto my Facebook this morning so ; I thought I would share it here as well for those who don’t have FB.

I woke up this morning with condemnation about something that went down when I was a teenager. I right away broke all that off ! I was not going to let the enemy try to bring events that happened when I was a teen and ruin my day! Do you notice times in your life when the enemy tries to bring something that GOD has already forgiven and forgotten and tries to knock you down?. The enemy will try everything to knock you off the path of Life and make sure you don’t accomplish what God has ordained for you. Remember today that we are a friend of Jesus. He has our back and God forgives a multitude of sin because He is merciful!. That means you don’t keep bringing up sins from the past that GOD has forgiven . Let it go and remember it no more because HE has! Have a clear conscious today and enjoy your day. Thank GOD for His mercy and grace on your life. Where would we be without Him?. Take time to read Romans 8:1-6 and Hebrews 8:12 today. Be blessed today. In Jesus Name!


The day that will change alot of peoples lives….


Hello Friends,

I have had a night of prayer- and it started at 1:15 am… and I prayed until 4 am! Yes, I prayed for the Election in the United States, remember that I am American.

I really should have voted! I am kicking myself for not being on the ball this year since its such a important vote. ARGH!

I went to work today and tried to work and pray at the same time without making any mistakes. I am waiting to see who won.

I’m not staying up late to find out because I have to work again tomorrow but eventually, I will hear the winner.

This election is already being called ” Historic”…

What are your thoughts?.


Blessings and GOD give you peace .




Hello to each of you,

Its already November! What has the beginning of this month been like for you?

Last month we had a family wedding and it was beautiful.¬† Sheldons nephew got married. It was a chilly day that’s for sure but with everything else so lovely, one hardly remembers the cold. Here is a photo of our family at the wedding.weddingfamily1

I have been busy with life and work , sometimes it seems the weeks just fly by and its the end of the week in no time.

This month , I am going to a awesome conference in Toronto and I am looking forward to learning more and also spending some time with my hubby for the few days we are together.

Next month I am flying down south for a time away and learning ; and am also looking forward to that.

Then of course comes Christmas. Most people know that I do not like to shop ; but I am going to try to start early – if you call this early; and get my shopping for gifts done sooner than later.

I just wanted to say Happy November to you. Take time to enjoy the colorful foliage and cool air. Autumn is upon us.