Autumn is here!


Hello Everyone,

Well, Autumn has officially started !

It has been cooling off here in Southern Ontario and its a nice change from the hot hot summer days.

Today, my daughter asked me to model for her Photography Page , so that took most of the morning. It was nice to hang out with her and see her enjoy photography.

Here is her page:

Go take a look! She’s very good!.

God s  teaching me a lot ; as He always does when we ask Him to show us more. I am honored to serve Him and know He has my back .

Bless each of you as you do your day to day things and take time to enjoy your day.


Today we remember…9/11


Hello Friends,

Today we remember 9/11.

I still remember where I was and what I was doing on that very day.

I was so in shock that this even happened ; and in the United States.

Different emotions ran through my mind, a whole slue of questions amidst the shock.

Forever peoples lives were changed on that day, forever families were changed. Sadness took a grip on that day and still hasn’t let go. Anger arose from the sadness and clung on tight.

My thoughts and prayers are still with the families and people that this whole tragedy affected. In some ways it has affected all of us, whether we live in the USA or not. How could it not?.

Father God, continue to make yourself known to each person today , on the anniversary of 9/11. We ask that you bring comfort and peace today especially.

Rest in His peace.


September, welcome.


Hello All,

WE have welcomed in September!

I have read a lot of prophetic words about how September will be a month of PROVISION. I am not sure what KIND of provision but I receive it!

I have been busy working extra hours this past week; and now have today , the weekend and Monday off.

I am so thankful for the times of refreshing and fellowship with our friends.

Today our family went to Costco.

That is a interesting trip in itself! We just recently got a membership there . I like it but I don’t think anyone else in our family likes it. Guess it will be my job to buy groceries there. 🙂

On Monday night this week ; I shared the pulpit at our meetings that we have attended for over a year. I spoke on FORGIVENESS.  It went really well; because the Holy Spirit was totally in it all. I am thankful to be used by God , I am no body ; a vapor in the wind yet He chooses to use me to further His Kingdom . Why? Because I told Him that I am willing to be used by Him. I am sure He would have chosen a much more qualified person but since the laborers are few- I think He uses any and all who say , ” Here am I ; send me.”

Are you one of those people?

Tonight , we are off to a friends place for a bbq and some games.

I love games! We usually play Rook and Farkle. Its so fun! Just to sit and talk and play games.

Enjoy your September, I will write again soon.

Take care, be a blessing to someone today.