August is almost over!

Hi there guys,

Can you believe that its almost September?.

I can’t. I’ve been working a lot but taking time for myself and for my family.

How have each of you been?.

Besides being busy working ; the Lord has been close and showing me new things . Its nice to be taught by the best teacher of all , isn’t it?!.

Tomorrow night , I am sharing the pulpit at our meetings. I m preaching on The Act of Forgiveness.

Been praying for each person that will be there and know those that are to be there ; will be there. Whether there are 4 or 400 , I will do what the Lord has told me to do.

Life is good. I am having fun and doing some fun things.judyaugust3

I shared before that I started the Paleo way of eating and am doing super well on it. Feeling great and able to last all day  at work and more energy for the things I enjoy doing.

Be blessed in all you do, and thanks for reading my blog!,


Mid August


Hello Everyone,

Its already mid August and I have been so busy as probably a lot of you are.

Yesterday our family ; minus one : went to Goderich, Ontario. The photo above shows what it looks like . Isn’t it nice? We just sat there and vegged and talked. It was a lovely time just to rest in Gods beauty and love.

I have been working a lot of long hours and days the past three weeks. I prayed for Gods strength to get me through and He has! I still have two weeks coming up of the same hours but then it should settle back down to my 5 hours a day instead of 11 or 12!

God continues to teach me and bless me every day.

I am grateful and thankful for His goodness in my life.

Have a great rest of the summer!  I will write again soon,

Have fun every day!

Here I am at the beach acting like a goof! It probably had to do with too much sun.







Hello Everyone!, How is your summer coming along?

I just got back from picking up our son from Quebec. It’s nice to have him home again for a little bit.

Last week, we had some sad news. Our cat of 12 years had to be put down because he was sick.

I didn’t go into work for two days because I was just bawling my eyes out for those days. All of us were sad to have to put him down.

He is peacefully and pain free now; so that helps us.

I will write more about our LONG trip home. There is always lessons to be learnt through times of trial and hardship.

I am working a lot the next three weeks. 11- 12 hour days because the girls I work with are all taking off for holiday and I need to do their jobs as well as mine.

Ill try to write when I have a few more minutes than I do currently.

Be blessed,