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Hey Everyone,

How is your week going?.

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Hello Everyone,

Doesn’t that picture look like somewhere you want to be right about now?. I DO!.

It’s already Mid- July and I haven’t gotten a chance to go to the beach yet, but I will !.

How has your summer been going so far?.

I have had the privilege of going to two Christian conferences. One in Toronto and then the next weekend, we had a conference closer to home. I so enjoyed both conferences and learnt a lot. Now, what to do with what you learn. I like learning and seeking the things of God. I could read and search and pray all day .

Next weekend I get to see our son who has been in Quebec for 5 months. I cant wait!:) ( mommas heart).

On a sad note; our cat , Chloe has not been eating much the last two weeks which includes not taking his medication pills to help him digest food.  He is getting really thin. I think we will have to take him to the vet and see what she says. Pray for us as we will probably have to make a decision soon. Sad when our pets that we love are not doing well.

Be blessed on your week , have fun in the sun, take time to breath in the fresh air.

Laugh , play, rest.


Thoughts of the Day


Hello Everyone!,

How was your weekend? How has your July been?

As I mentioned in a earlier post; I was going off to a conference this past weekend for 3 days in Toronto.

It was by far the BEST learning conference I have ever been to in my life! I really enjoyed the teachings and learning so many things; the revelations  were  off the hook!. Now, what to do with what I have learnt.

Good question :). I bought some material to study more and learn more . I really enjoy learning to begin with so now I am hyped up to another level- literally- and so excited to go on this new adventure.

The conference was with Ian Clayton and Grant Mahoney and his wife Samantha. If you know of their teachings then you know what I mean by hyped up to another level ” literally” speaking.

If you don’t know them you can google them or youtube them.

So, Lately I have been thinking of just going off FB. I don’t find a reason really to be on there anymore- but I just not go on as much instead of deleting it completely because I do have friends from grade school and a few others on there, we will see.

Just wanted to touch base. I pray you will find time to pursue God, and take time to learn new things . Open up our eyes ; hearts to really know Him and all His goodness.

Blessings, until next time,




Hello, Can you believe its July already?


How is your summer going?

Well, This past week I worked those 12 hour days at work and it was so busy but I made it through.

One thing that I did wrong this week was buy a coach purse I saw online being sold by someone  and I thought it was nice online but when I got it ; I didn’t really like it.  I wasn’t sure also if it was real…. So anyways, I tried to get my money back; but she wouldn’t let me ; so I had to sell it. I lost $20 doing so but at least I don’t have a purse I don’t like.

I learnt that everything that ” glitters” is not gold- in this case- real.

You cant trust everyone that sells stuff.

I cant be naïve when buying things . Do your homework a bit better next time.

Sometimes you have to pay for your actions- or loose something for it. Get over it and move on.

Good lessons again.

Anyways , its July and summer is here and I love the sun! I went for a longer walk last night with Sheldon and Cheo, its nice to go for longer walks without it turning dark on the way home.

This week I am attending a awesome conference in Toronto . I cant wait to go! I get to stay with a friend in a hotel and go to the meetings and learn learn and probably practice what we learn as well.

SO looking forward to this conference an time with GOD.

I know I am blessed and I am so greatful to God for all He has done for me.

( Thank you Jesus).

Today, I got to hang out with my girls . Yes, it was shopping but, we still had a good time of talking and laughing.

Enjoy your July everyone! Thanks for reading .

Bless you,