Hello Everyone,

For the last 3 weeks or 4 , I have heard the word ” PURSUE” .¬† I knew I was to write on it, and finally here I am ; having some time this morning to write . I have been thinking about it since I first heard God whispering in my ear a month ago.

To Pursue means : to follow in order to catch. Other definitions are : run after, chase, hunt and stalk. We can even say: continue to proceed along.

What does it mean to you ?¬† Let me ask this, ” What does it mean to you relating to your relationship with Jesus.”?

Have you been pursuing God?. What does that look like ? Has it looked like you are following so close because you want to catch Him?, has it looked like your running after Him?, Chasing Him?

If so, great! Keep at it! He likes when we pursue Him.

If not, don’t beat down on yourself. God is a God of love, He forgives and just desires to have a relationship with you. It says in the Bible to eagerly pursue and seek to acquire love. (GOD is love. that is in 1 Corinthians 14:1).

I think one of the most important things we need to do is Pursue Intimacy with God, because I know He pursues that in us!. He wants a relationship with us. Relationships include intimacy. Where our heart is connected to His heart, and we understand His hearts passion.

When we have that kind of intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ, than all the other stuff will make sense: righteousness, passion, purpose; But it all starts with relationship and pursuing.

2 Timothy 2:22 talks about pursuing righteousness, faith and peace. Take time today to start doing that. Every day try to make time for the one who created you and has a plan for your life here on this earth. Take the time to honor and pursue Him, Jesus Christ of Nazareth!.

He loves each one of us, He wants an intimate relationship with each one of us. Read Jeremiah 29:13 where it says you will seek Him and find Him when you seek Him with all of your heart.

Blessings on your day today everyone, I will pray for each one that reads this that you will be able to understand how much He loves you today and how He does have a plan for you in this place we called world.

One day we will be all together in the GLORIOUS place called Heaven where there is no more pain, stress, sadness or any other sickness. We will be there worshiping the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, together in unity and love.

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Glory to God,





Sunny June


Hi Everyone,

Its already the middle of June!, I cant believe how fast time flies.

How have you been enjoying the sunny weather? Here in Southern Ontario- it’s been some nice weather. I got my flowers and pots planted, and just breathing in the fresh clean air everyday. I really enjoy the outside at this time of year.

I’ve been working a lot and my hours are going up at least 6 more weeks this summer , where I will be working almost 12 hour days! Pray for me if your reading this.:)

Life is great, taking time to learn more about all of God’s goodness and blessings for me. Taking time to rest in His Glory. Taking time for me.

I m doing really well on my lifestyle change with the Paleo leap. Feel pretty good and eating correctly for my body.

Bless your summer, Have a great rest of the June month.

Take time to rest, take time to enjoy your family and be thankful daily for what God has blessed you with.


Howdy Everyone

Hello Everyone,

How are you all doing?

The Lord is showing me different things this past month. I have been having dreams and having knowledge into some things I have been asking and thinking about.

One thing was that I wanted to go another step further with how I eat and what I eat. I was pretty good but I had times where I would like to eat some things that aren’t good for my body. SO, I asked the Lord, ” How do I change what I put into my mouth without me feeling too hungry?, How can I take care of my body so I can do that you have planned for me on this earth?.”

Well, when I was in Georgia , I started thinking about the Paleo lifestyle change.

I read into it, I looked at recipes and bought books.

I officially started eating Paleo on Sunday. I am doing really well on it and its not that difficult.

This is a much better way of eating for my body and will keep me healthy .

Anyone out there doing Paleo? If so , msg me; I am looking for more recipes . I will learn to cook with different flours and different oils. This should be interesting and exciting!.

Enjoy the rest of your week, just thought that id give you a update on myself.:)




Back to Work


Hey Everyone,

Well my holidays are officially over today; its time to go back to work in a few hours.

I woke up and thanked God for my job and for other things. I don’t want to have a ungreatful or a poverty mindset- I want to live in a life of provision from our Lord Jesus.

Take time to thank Him for the things He has blessed you with; friends; family ; whatever…. I am reading¬†several different books on several different subjects. I like to read and learn and take the time to understand things that I currently have only had little glimpses of understanding .

I will write more about what I learn later.

Have a great day and enjoy your blessings,