April 12

Hi Everyone,

Today is my 46th birthday! and I share this birthday with my mother whom is in Heaven. So its a happy kind of day and a day to remember my mother as well:) I wonder what she is doing up in Heaven!? Probably talking to people:) She loved to talk.

I woke up being grateful for GODS GOODNESS and I wrote about it on Facebook, so I will post it here as well:).

Today I woke up remembering His goodness on my life. Everyone has had situations that made us question: ” God why?” and you start to feel like God has forgotten about you or doesn’t care about you because He didn’t do what you wanted Him to do ; WHEN you wanted Him to do it. You know what I’m saying? I say to you if you have that feeling today; that no matter what circumstances you are going through today , at this very moment: God is STILL GOOD! God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore! He likes to give His children good gifts, He likes to bless us, He likes to commune with His friends! We are His friends! When I look in the Bible and read about His goodness; that rises up a belief that indeed God is good! GO read aloud some verses in the Bible talking about His goodness. You will start to believe and remember and know. Here are a few I read this morning. Ps 34:8 talks about ” taste and see that the Lord is Good”, James 1: 17 …says every good and perfect gift is from above.”, Ps145:9 says the Lord is good. In the dictionary it lists words that describe what GOODNESS means. It says Kindness, Generosity, Virtue, and ” the best part of anything”. In my journal I put GOD is all of those things! God is Kind, God is Generous, God has virtue, and God is “the best part of anything!!!!” so GOD IS GOOD! I pray that today you will see and know how much the Father loves you and desires good things for you. Don’t believe the lies that may be invading your mind- cast that aside and ask GOD to show you His goodness because I know He wants too. Seriously. I will be praying for each of you to feel His blessing upon your life today, April 12th, 2016! Believe that He wants goodness for you today! Be blessed abundantly more than you can imagine .
” I remain confident in this: that I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the Living!” Psalm 27:13 ”

BLESSINGS on each of you ! GLORY to GOD.




Happy April to Everyone!

How has your April started out for you? Have you had great days?, not so great days?

I personally haven’t had the best start to April but I have hope that it will get better!.

Work has been extremely busy with a bunch of new patients which we have to schedule a 45 minute time slot somewhere in a already busy day, but its just part of my job. I still learn something new every single day there and I’m trying to do my best as for the Lord.

My son , Nicholas moved to Montreal for 6 months helping with a Ywam base up there. I’m thankful that he is helping others in their lives and volunteering to help where needed.

I have been busy with so much in my life. Isn’t it funny how much we can accomplish in one day? Sometimes, I am glad the sun goes down so I can stop and sleep, only to get up and start all over.

I am glad that I am in a routine where I take time to spend with Jesus before my busy day begins. It just helps me to focus and I love just sitting there and talking to Him, and listening. Sometimes I put worship music on and just worship for 45 minutes.

What about you? How are you guys doing?

Blessing on your April; whether there are showers or hot sun shining through your windows- remember to take time with Jesus and take time for yourself. All that work will wait for you – it all doesn’t have to be done right now.