That’s so random…

Hi Everyone,

Just feel like blogging today; nothing in particular: just random thoughts.

Yesterday, I had to go do some errands, get groceries, and my first stop I went to a Christian bookstore. They were having 50% off because they were closing, so , I had in mind that I needed to get several journals because that is where I buy most of my journals. When  I went in I only saw maybe 6 and I only liked 1 a lot but I got 2 just because I could. They were only around $10 each. Then I got some Cd’s that were now only $8.50 or so. Worship Cd’s and songs I listen to now! Great deals. I saw some of those boxes of cards that are for birthdays, baby, encouragement etc…so, I picked up 5 boxes of those and they were only $4.50 maybe each. I know I don’t usually like shopping but WHOA! I did yesterday! because things were half off !

After the bookstore, I went to the grocery store and I really didn’t want to go in there. I really don’t like shopping at all much less getting groceries! But, I was still probably on my high from the bookstore so I went in. I even mumbled a prayer, ” Help me Jesus!”.

Well, I say 95% of the stuff I got was on sale! I just got my normal stuff that we as a family consume, and it happened to be on sale. I mean good sales! Meat and cheese, and cereals and yogurts. I was really pleased by the time I got home. So pleased I had to text Sheldon and tell him how much everything was that day!

To top off my day Sheldon asked me if I wanted to go on a date. Of course , I said , ” YES!”.

You know we need to have more days like mine yesterday . It reminds me that there can be perfect days , maybe every day should be perfect and everything fall in line like yesterday?.

It was the best day I’ve had in a long time. Just really great.

I hope you have one of those great , everything falling into place days. Maybe even today will be your GREAT day!?



Random Thoughts





Hi Everyone,

Yesterday , I had my 3 month review at my new job! I wasn’t nervous about it because I know how hard I have worked to learn and do my best there.

The Dr. was pleased with my work and said he can say honestly he hasn’t ever had a employee be so interested in learning about his work and the chiropractic business. So, he saw my interest to learn and to do my best, which means a lot to me and to him as well.

He gave me a .50 cent raise and also told me he wishes he could give me a certain amt a hour but that chiropractic offices don’t usually pay as much as a General Dr. office. I told him it isn’t about the pay for me ; that if the atmosphere where I work is great than that means more to me than a few extra dollars. Seriously.

I have worked in enough Dr. offices and gotten paid well but the atmosphere around me was not good, yes, I did pray for the atmosphere every single day before I walked into those offices and I got through the days , but this office is an improvement! Praise GOD because that is what I prayed for when I was looking for this job.

So, I got a slight upgrade in pay, but most of all- I feel the whole atmosphere around me is a nicer upgrade. A place I can go to and want to go to work. YES, I have those days that I don’t want to get out of bed to go to work but usually , I don’t mind.

I wonder if this year is the year of upgrading? I haven’t heard any prophetic words about that but I’m going to ask the Lord and see what HE says; His words matter the most to me.

SO, I just wanted to share about my day yesterday and the Dr. wants me to stay ! He is pleased with my work and dedication. I left feeling happy and satisfied with my job.

Thank you Jesus for your blessing me with this job. It may be the one I have been praying for all my working life.

Thank the Lord for your job today. Thank the Lord that you can work . Be a blessing where you work.


Are you discouraged today?



I felt today I was to do a video for all that woke up discouraged. So go to my YouTube channel here

Just copy and paste it in your search bar and it should go to the video.

Be Blessed today! and everyday! because GOD is the GOD of blessings! He is the God of HOPE, He is ! He really is!

Be joyful today! There IS hope for you today!



January 1, 2016


Hey Everyone!,

It is officially January 1, 2016!!! I love January 1st!. It feels like a new beginning and a time that there is hope in everyone. I realize every day should feel like this if we are lovers of Jesus Christ and follow His Word.

Sometimes the day in an day outs of life weigh you down and you cant seem to get past that, but when January 1st hits ; it seems to bring in a new start for everyone.

I am just getting over the stomach virus and Sheldon has some ear problems ; but is on antibiotics so that will clear up and he can feel better shortly.

I started a new journal today; I was so excited last night about starting a new journal, that I could hardly sleep! I know I am a bit odd. Anyways, I was listening to what Father was talking to me about and writing it down. He was telling me about how my 2016  year would be for me and I was frantically writing to keep up with His words. I decreed over my life yesterday for Victorious things in 2016 and when Sheldon and I went to bed; we prayed together for 2016 .

I read somewhere that the year 2016 is the Hebraic year of Jubilee. What joyfulness in just knowing that! Thank you Yeshua!.

Well, I am off for a few days and then back to work on January 5th. I am excited for all GOD has for us this year and all we can do for Him this year!

Go in Peace my friends and show someone His love and Glory today.

Be blessed,