At home today: sick


Who says you cant blog when your sick in bed?

Good thing I don’t have my old laptop or I wouldn’t be able to hold it on my lap to type!

Today, my stomach isn’t my friend. I don’t know what it is; just a stomach flu I think. It started Sunday night; early Monday morning.

I normally don’t get sick so, I guess I’m just bored- but trying to rest and get better.

I have been thinking of how thankful I am to the Lord for all He has done for me in 2015. What have you been thanking Him for ? What has He done for you in 2015?

I am so looking forward to 2016, I wrote in my journal all my dreams and will write my visions as well.

I always have hope for the New Year.  I think if we trust in GOD and have child like faith, we should always have hope; no matter what time of year it is. Every day we should have Faith.

This past year I had Faith for a job, I had faith that we would be okay financially, that our bills would be paid, that we could share in our community by helping ppl that were less fortunate with some help, I had faith for a lot of things.  Not only did I have Faith, I also prayed a lot- sometimes nights and days. Yes, I was tired but it was worth it just to pray in the middle of the night, and talk to God. I pray a lot! It just comes like breathing. I don’t even have to think about it.

As we go into 2016 I encourage you to build your Faith, to pray more and expect God to answer you.

Write down lists of dreams and visions that you have hidden deep down inside, let them be known, get them out on paper.  Go over them.

Blessings  in 2016 .

I hope to hear from each of you soon.

Do something you have always wanted to do in 2016! Have fun and I will be working on my website ; trying to figure out how to change a few things. Thanks for stopping by, Y’all come back now- ya hear!



Merry Christmas Eve…


Hello Everyone,

Wow , so its been a busy time for everyone . From finishing shopping for meals and gifts to busy traffic and gatherings. I had been praying for a lot of Fellowship, FUN and food this Christmas season and guess what?, it happened and its not over yet!

I love Fellowship with people! Getting to know people and their dreams and desires and interests. I like listening to people and I like when people listen to me. I treat others how I would like to be treated. I pray things for others ; what I would pray for myself. How you treat people says a lot about your character.

Look over your character, think of times where you could have reacted in a better way, think of ways you can improve. I think you can always work on your character.

Fun- When was the last time you had real fun? Do you plan fun or do you just go with the day and hope it comes? I have started to plan fun stuff to do , I don’t wait for it to find me- I create it or make it happen.

Food; come on! I love food! Do you have food traditions this time of year?  Some people enjoy making piles of food dishes and enjoy it. I don’t enjoy planning it but I enjoy eating it. I cook a nice meal for my family on Christmas Day- its always delicious and I do it because I love having that time with my family. We are thankful for our food and what God provides for us this time of year.

Remember Christ is the reason for the Season.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!


10 more days until Christmas


Hey all,

How are you doing? Only 10 days until Christmas Day.!  I remember as a kid , I would be counting the days , waiting, waiting; and then Christmas Eve I would be so excited that I couldn’t sleep.

We didn’t have a lot growing up, and we always had hand me down clothes. I didn’t really mind, they were new to me and as long as they fit , I wore them. I probably wasn’t the most fashionable one but I didn’t really even know fashion until my teens.

Christmas brings back  many memories. Growing up in Thailand, and not having the luxuries we have today. Life was simple back in the 1970s -1980s . I kind of miss it actually.

One Christmas season we were in a Thai city called Tak. We had come home for the holidays from our Malaysian Boarding School. Mom had a small tree in the corner of the living area and there were a few gifts under the tree. I think maybe 2 stockings. It wasn’t a lot, but I didn’t care, it was so pretty and it felt like Christmas.  I think I got a few books that Christmas, it was the most exciting gift!. That may have been the year we got a kitten as well . It was good. I had saved my money at boarding school from my allowance and gotten everyone in my family something . I was proud of that . We opened presents and enjoyed the excitement of it all.  My dad always prayed and read the Bible on Christmas morning and we just listened and smiled.

I am thankful for the experiences I had living in Thailand and our little family and our adventures. I feel blessed having these memories and just wanted to share a bit with you.

Have a wonderful Christmas season, remember Jesus !


Only 1 day left! to enter into my contest….


Okay all, you have ONE more day to enter into my contest….

I will be making a video of me selecting the winner out of a hat on Saturday sometime! I will post it on Facebook!

I will call you if you are the winner and we can discuss what you want to do with the prize- I was going to buy several of my favorite things ; and send them via mail or if you live close , just deliver them myself.

Several of you suggested maybe if your name is picked ; you would share or donate to a local charity ; That is great!

I haven’t bought anything yet but the prize money is set aside and you can decide what you want to do with it.

It is $100 Canadian.

Thanks again everyone for reading my blog. I am going to try to change the look a bit in the New Yr and see about Vlogging. We will see…