Hello November


Wow everyone! It is November 1st! Can you believe it?

Yes, its only 7 weeks till Christmas!. I haven’t done any shopping but I have started on my Christmas cards. I think every first of the month I will just write an update on my life ; just to share where I am at. Its nice to write blogs on certain topics but I think I want to go a bit deeper and be open too on what I am doing and how I am doing.

This past week I have not been sleeping well. Waking up at 1 am till 3:30 or I wake up at 5 and not sleep again. I think just the new job and trying to memorize the modalities of it all. Sometimes, I need to just turn off my brain and let it rest. Easier said than done.

Its cool here in Southern Ontario but I like Autumn. Cheo, our dog still loves going for walks and we have been taking her to the park near our house to run free.  I am so glad we have her, she brings joy to our lives.

How has your Autumn season been? How are you all doing?.

Take care, thanks to the few that actually read my blogs:) I hope I can help in someway to bring a smile to your face.