To Give

Hello All,

How has your October been?  I have had a busy month learning my new job and concentrating more on memorizing everything possible so I can do my best there.

As I was driving early this morning ; Giving came to mind and I thought; I am going to write a blog today . So, I started thinking about all types of things relating to Giving ; as well as what the Bible has to say about giving.

What do YOU think of when I say the word ” Giving? What feelings come to mind when you hear the phrase, ” To Give”?

Of course I had to look it up in the dictionary! As a verb: Giving means ” Freely transfer the possession of something to someone;  hand over to or provide or supply with” .  As a noun: it means ” The capacity to bend or alter in shape under pressure”.

To Freely transfer the possession of something to someone— like your time? or your love?.  Yes, it could even be a present,

your money, or something you don’t use anymore and your giving it to someone else. When is the last time you did any of the above things? Have we come to a place yet as a society that instead of giving your used clothes, we buy new clothes and give them to charities? Instead of giving a used car, we buy a new one and give it to someone who needs one? Why do we always give our used stuff away? Why don’t we buy new things and give those away? Just a thought.

Is it in our capacity to give to someone in such a way that it would alter their life in a better way? Another thought that came to my mind.

How does it make you feel when someone gives of their time to YOU? When someone gives you a gift? When someone changes your life in a way because of their giving actions towards you?

You know one of the things that I thought of from the Bible is the verse we all know; John 3:16.


Read it. God loved us SO much that He GAVE His only Son! I’d say the first one ever to GIVE if you really thing about it. (He gave Adam and Eve life in the Garden, right. )

The Bible has many verses about giving, and I read them! Conclusion being when you give, your heart shall not be grieved; when giving: offer willingly.

I like the verse in Proverbs that said , ” Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it”.


So, I hope I got you thinking a bit more on what it is : TO GIVE ?.

I myself, now am thinking of ways I can give more to people. As a follower of Jesus  we can learn so much from Him. He gave His all so that we may live. Forever.

Lots to think of and I’ve been thinking a lot today already.

Be blessed in your day! Remember to give freely. Bless someone today, this weekend.






Your Dreams


Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about my hopes and dreams as a kid growing up in the different parts of Thailand . As a kid ,I remember even in first grade in Chiang Mai , being told to stop day dreaming as I looked out the window during class. Do you remember someone telling you to stop day dreaming when you were to be focusing on school?. I was a big dreamer as a kid, nothing stopped me, I went for what I wanted to do. As a kid my dreams were limitless.

I ran different track races when I was younger against my classmates and I was really fast! I would win 99% of the time. I just remember being at the start line and I knew that I had to go to the finish line a distance away- how hard was that ; all I had to do was run!. I even ran in bare feet. The whistle would go and I would be point on focused and I just ran like the wind and I loved it!. Of course , as a kid, I liked the ribbon ceremony because I would get so many ribbons. I still have them to this day.

When I was in boarding school, I still did some running and I still won. There was more competition being in a bit higher grade and it was great! One day my coach said to me that he wouldn’t be surprised to see me run in the US Olympics one day! That was news to me! I didn’t even know what the Olympics were. Growing up I didn’t have a TV and I don’t remember ever knowing about the Olympics or watching them. Well, for a coach or anyone in authority to tell you that, I felt like I could do anything and my goal should be to run in the Olympics one day.

That never happened but do you see where I am going with this? We need to have that right mindset to know ” I can do this!” , ” Why can’t it happen for me?”.

There was a time way later in my life that I stopped dreaming and hoping for things to come to pass because my life at the time was very difficult. You know that conversation you have with God . ” If you loved me….you would make this happen ..” etc…. ” Why aren’t you doing something , God?” . Have you ever said those type of things?. Well, I decided to just stop dreaming! It was a horrible feeling of loss , sad to the core.

One evening I had gone somewhere to hear a speaker and he had a word for me. He said something to the extent of : ” You have stopped dreaming but its okay to dream again like you did when  you were a little kid” WELL! I mean come on ; I just about cried my eyes out!.

I did start dreaming again. Remember God is the God of the Universe! He is a BIG GOD! Keep praying to Him and tell Him your hearts desires, your goals, your dreams. Don’t put your mind in a box. Don’t limit your mind. Go for the crazy big stuff!!! Why not!…There is nothing that you will think of in dreaming that GOD hasn’t already thought of or made. I think that its there for the taking!

What are your dreams ? Write them down in your journal. Go to GOD and ask Him about them. Talk about your dreams with Him. You can do that you know:).

Look at this cute picture of the kitten- when she looks in the mirror she sees a Lion! You can dream BIG. Amen?


Be blessed my brothers and sisters this Thanksgiving weekend, here in Canada.

We have a lot to be thankful for. Enjoy


I’m so happy today !


Hey guys,

Most of you saw that I got a job today after 21 months of looking! This is the whole story, just thought I would write about it in my blog because, its an important part of my life; and I’d like to share it with you .

Two weeks ago I was looking for work and I just saw this job on a website for an MOA ( Medical Office Assistant) for a Dr. office in town. It said 20+ hours a week. I sent a email first because it had been on the site for a bit and wondered if I should even send in my resume. They called a week later and asked if I could come in for a interview.

The interview went really well. It was about 20-25 minutes in length and I just was confident and happy being me. They seemed pleased with me and I left with a smile of gratefulness.  They told me they would call  if they wanted more from me. On my drive home from this interview ; I got hit in my car from a van behind me , while at a stop light. This hit caused some back issues and I have been going to have some treatments because of it. But through all this I had a lot on my mind with the job and recent accident, as well as some more personal matters.

A few days ago the office manager called to see if I could come in today to see if I would be a match for their office. ” Of Course!” , I said.

Last night I could not sleep ; no matter if I took my Melatonin or not- it was not working! I took it at 10pm and I did not sleep till 1 am! I was praying, I was thinking, I was on cloud 9! I was so excited ; I told the Lord, ” It’s almost like Christmas morning!!!”.  You know that feeling you use to get as a kid? Cant wait to open gifts and waking up your siblings, and parents? Do you remember or are you still like that now? Ha!  I still get excited at Christmas but not for the gifts; but because my kids now are so excited  and we all enjoy having time together on Christmas morning. Anyways, I eventually fell asleep and was awake around 6am.

I was at least half an hour early; I sat in the parking lot in my car listening to worship music and praying and thanking GOD for this opportunity. Then I couldn’t stand it anymore and went inside 20min early!

It was a good time of training  and I got paid for it to boot! Every Dr. office has different ways of doing things, scheduling appointments, etc… It isn’t easy but I enjoy learning new things and helping others.

When I left , the office manager told me she would call me around 7 or 8 to let me know what they decided about my employment.

I got called around earlier and she said ” Good News!”  , I was so thankful, but I had been all along and I’m glad God could see that. We can be thankful even in the unknowing and just for the experience God has us in.

So, after 21 months , I am employed and I start on Monday!. WOW! I am so happy and I just wanted to share . Please pray for me and my family and be grateful for us during this new time.

Thanks so much 🙂 and yeah perhaps this blog is kinda long and boring but O well:)I wanted to share.