From : The Wisdom Trail of my life.


Hi Everyone!,

How are you doing today? What a nice day to go for a walk . This post will probably be a long one so if you want something to eat; go get it now. Once I start writing who knows how long this will be !.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I thought of putting some things that I have learnt in my lifetime ; that have made a difference in my life. There are tons of things we hear but until you go through it personally and it touches your life in a  way that you understand it ; you really are just reading someone else’s experience. Here are mine:

The first 8 things that have come to my mind .

  1. You can’t control what people say about you but you can control what you say about people. ( Isn’t that the truth! ) I have had many people say things behind my back, to my face, mock me, tease me, put  me down… and our initial response is to hit back with our own words, right? To defend ourselves? But God is our defender! We don’t have to go there with the words. Take every thought captive that comes out of your mouth! Don’t even entertain such vile thoughts about someone else- and certainly don’t speak them out. Your spirit hears that, and it affects your life in a negative way.
  2. Not everyone is going to like you, get over it! There was a time in my life when I was growing up that I cared if people didn’t like me. Trying to be everyone’s friend and wanting to be loved by people. What a waste of time that is to try to make people like you. Growing up in the pre teens and teen years is a tricky time, with hormones and learning about social order. God loves me and that is truly all that matters. Its nice to have friends, yes , it is; but not everyone is going to be your friend.
  3. Your worth isn’t determined by what kind of day or month your having! You ever have a really bad few days? and then your down on yourself saying things like , ” I’m so stupid”, or ” I’m an idiot, why did I do that?”. Come on, we have all done that! I find that when I have bad days it Is the hardest time to be positive and turn things around . But your worth more than GOLD in Gods eyes! You are loved by Him!. Just because you’ve had a few bad days, months or years even, Gods love for you has always been there for you; cause He sees us through eyes of LOVE. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you aren’t perfect. Only HE is perfect and He has perfect Love for you.
  4. Sometimes you don’t like a person for whatever reason but you can love the GOD in them and who God made them to be. Trust me when I say; been there and done that. There are people in this world that drive me  nuts, but if our heart is right we should see more that GOD made them and He has a plan for their lives, just as He has a plan for your life!. Sometimes people make you mad and you have a choice on how you are going to react . Stop and think about it. If they are a Christian and then GOD lives in them just like He lives in you- you can love the GOD in them . I learnt to just pray for them ; that they will see how much GOD loves them and has a plan for their life. Jeremiah 29.
  5. God is the Ultimate Love… This is my favorite:), because I love GOD so so much and He loves me back! He calls me a friend, and friends share with each other and listen to each other. Its a intimate relationship we are to have with Yeshua. How can you not be drawn to God like a magnet? Sometimes I feel so much love for Him that it brings tears to my eyes and I’m so emotional talking about God . Take time in your day to spend time with the one who made you new. He desires time with you today!
  6. Don’t put God in a box…He’s so much bigger than that!. Have you ever thought ; ” Oh , if God loved me , He wouldn’t have let that happen “. or something similar?. Gods’ time is not our time: and you can thank Him for that! Can you imagine if we got everything we wanted in life? What would you learn? We all have learning to do down here on the earth and when we get to Heaven ; I think we will learn more things.  God knows what He is doing ; just trust Him and wait on the Lord. As hard as it is; and I have been there; just keep trusting and praising GOD, ask for angels to go out for you on assignment. He uses angels you know. Trust in HIM.
  7. Make time for yourself . Oh my goodness; this one is hard to do isn’t it?. I mean we all live such busy lives. Work, church, family, hockey, golf, soccer, horse riding, construction; whatever you do. There was a time in my life where I could barely get off the couch much less take care of myself in a positive way. But thank the Lord, He has restored me back to health. When I say take time for yourself; you really need to think about how your going to do that. I personally, take time to journal, and then I go for a walk and pray. Or if you are one that likes to  go to the gym and work out – do it. If you like to sit by a bonfire and just veg- do it. If you like to go shopping or walk around a mall- do it ( you wont see me there! ha!) Make time for yourself- you are important. Take time to rest and just be.
  8. Make time for GOD. Um what can I say about this! I love this! You might say ” Its easy for you, you love Him so much and have a relationship with Him- He likes you!” ah yeah, but I didn’t always make time for him. In the earlier days; before I was 18 ; I barely made time unless it was because my dad made me pray or memorize verses . Dad had got these small verse books and we had to memorize these small books during the day and say them at night- I think he gave us a few days. At the time I really hated memorizing verses! I mean it wasn’t just one verse ; some of them were paragraphs! But you know , now I have these verses in me that I can say off the top of my head. Its the WORD living inside me. I am actually grateful. Sometimes , I don’t remember where they are found but okay, the meat is still there. When I went to Ywam in 1988 I really started making time for GOD . I learnt to have time for Him in the morning. It was good to learn to do that- and I still do that to this day; morning and night I make time for the GOD that I serve. He likes it, and so do I.

Well, did I not say that this would be long? Did you finish your food? I wish I had gotten some myself now!. ha:)!

Be blessed today; and none of this is to condemn but I wanted to share where I have been and I hope it helps someone in someway. Be a blessing to someone today and may you be blessed. Shalom





Wow, I was up most of the night last night praying for the families affected from 9/11 . Obviously, a lot goes through my mind when I remember this date 14 years ago. Sadness and unbelief that this happened on American soil! All the people that lost their lives , having no clue that in an instant they would no longer be with us.

All the firefighters and paramedics that had to see what they saw when they arrived on the scene! All the Dr.’s and nurses that had to deal with the injured ; what the hospital must have been like , total chaos!

One day I would like to go to the site and see around but I truthfully am not ready to see it. Even though I was nowhere near the area when it happened; it still affected me over here . I think it affected a lot of people worldwide.

I am an American citizen. I have been since I was a year old or so. My first trip to America was in 1972 when I was 2 and I still remember vaguely the flight . I just remember the loud noise of the plane .

America accepted me into her land. I grew up knowing it was my homeland, even though I lived in Thailand as a missionary family. I really enjoyed going to the States when we went on Furlough. I love America!

So, I will never forget my America, I will never forget 9/11.

God bless America land that I love!




Hey All,

It’s been a busy transition into September here in our household, sorry I haven’t written anything for a wee bit here. Ideas keep popping in my head and I have taken note of the titles and ideas.

How are each of you doing? I really enjoy the Autumn time.  Like Spring, to me ; its a new beginning . This Fall holds new beginnings for me and my family in different areas of our lives.

When there are 5 people living in a house together ; each has their own life yet we all share the space. Makes it interesting .

I was thinking yesterday while driving how much I have learned in my lifetime. I thought I would share those in a different post , just some wisdom that I have learnt through hardships. You can read all kinds of wisdom but until you know it ; it really doesn’t mean anything , right!.

Today, my goals are to clean this whole house, finish getting rid of clothes and things I don’t use, and be a taxi for a few of my kids.

What are you doing today on this nice September afternoon?.

Be a blessing to someone today,