Under Construction

construction blog

Over the past month , I have run into so much construction driving to and from places. I have gotten lost trying to find the Detour routes  and have had to turn around because I then passed where I was suppose to go. One word came to mind while driving through the area:  Inconvenience!  It can be upsetting to you ; if you didn’t know that construction zone was there to begin with and especially if your late. I really don’t like construction. Its slow and you have to be patient waiting for the car in front of you to move. Stop and go traffic.

There are those orange pylons and all sorts of signs everywhere,. It can be confusing…What word would you put in there when you think of driving through construction? Furthermore, some construction is often delayed and so may have to deal with the same area until it is done. In other words,  you will  need to just be patient until the project is done.

You know where I’m going with this, right?

Have you felt like you have been through Spiritual  Construction ?That God,  THE  Project Manager, is demolishing stuff in your life? That He is in the process of creating and building a new you? That He is tearing down the old and putting up the new? He is a creating GOD, if anyone can re-build things in you ; it would be Him.

Are you willing to be in the Zone? Are you ready for the transportation God wants to do in your life?.

A lot of my life has felt  like a Construction zone. Sometimes , I was willing and other times I was not; but GOD still did work in me to better me. When I was not willing ; it seemed to be more difficult then when I was willing .  I also worked on myself to better myself. I don’t mean physically, I mean working on stuff like : Forgiveness, learning about Love, Showing Gods love to people, showing Grace, getting rid of judgement, anger, gossip. The things that hinder growth, the things that needed to be demolished in my life.

There are so many people that walk through life doing the same thing day in and day out; not caring about doing some constructive change in their life. Do you see any signs that would suggest that you may need some work? Are you willing to go under construction with the Lord, or are you saying ; ” My life is fine; why would I want to do that intentionally!?” . Fair question.  I still  encourage you to seek GOD and ask Him ; if there is anything in your life that needs to go through Gods Construction , and then listen,  honestly.

When your in the construction zone with God ; you may feel like ” Hurry up GOD, I don’t have time for this!” or ” Seriously God, I’m not that bad am I?!”. Try to be patient allowing Abba to work in your life to the fullest. He knows what He is doing.


Next time you go by construction ; think about this blog , ask God if there is something that needs to be worked on. What is He saying to you? Let him done the renovation, repair, maintenance in your life today, you really will be glad you did.



I have been journaling since around 17 or 18 years old.  When I started out it was more of a diary and I soon found out that I liked to write.  It was a way for me to get rid of a lot of feelings that had been piling up inside, it was a way to release a lot of stuff.

I didn’t like the typical , : Dear Diary…” and so I started to write to God. To me it was like a personal letter to GOD. I started writing ,” Dear God…” and I wrote about everything that went on that day . I wrote about the good, the bad, and the ugly! It was kind of like a news story answering the questions : How was my day?, What happened? ,Who was in my day?, Where was it?, When did it happen?…

I didn’t write every single day back then, more like whenever. I was a teen, I would go to school, then work in the afternoon after school into the evening and then on Saturdays all day .  I kept busy .

As my walk with GOD increased, my journaling increased. I really started writing more on a day to day basis in 1988 when I lived in Miami attending a Youth With a Mission school. During our devotions hour , I would have a notebook and read my Bible and jot down verses I liked or what God was speaking to me about. I started learning to hear Gods voice and write down what He was saying to me.

That discipline has stayed with me, since 1988: I can barely  go a day without journaling; I journal in the morning with GOD and I journal last thing before I go to sleep with GOD. I write, I listen, I write, I listen….

Rarely is there a day that I write only 1 page, usually I write 3-5 pages a day now, sometimes 10. Once I get started sometimes I cant stop, once God gets started , I don’t want Him to stop!:)

I literally take my journal and Bible with me everywhere I go in my house- they don’t just sit on my night stand- I carry them into the dining room, living room, outside ….

I now journal my normal stuff but I have all kinds of stuff in my journals now. I have different journals for different things like: Intercessory Prayer journal, Prophetic journal, Dreams journal, I have a journal for when I go to conferences or meetings where ppl are speaking and I take lots of notes. I think you could have a journal for everything!

I treasure my journals, I have tons of them : boxes and bags of them . I re read some of the most recent ones and keep them nearby. It is good to see how GOD has brought you from those days of hurt and turmoil and placed you out of that and onto a better ground. It is good to see His love and how wrapped you in His arms and carried you to a better place. It is good to thank Him for all He has done for you all these  years! I am not the same as I was way back in my teenage years( Praise GOD for that!). I have changed; He has changed me for the better.

If you want to start journaling, go to the dollar store, get a journal for a few bucks or a notebook and just start writing your thoughts for the day- how your day went, what happened that day. Or if you want to go deeper; then write about the feelings you are having that day- good ,bad or ugly. Ask God what His thoughts are about your day and invite Him to be a part of your journaling.

As you get use to writing your thoughts and feelings down, it somehow becomes easier as you do it more and more. I make time for journaling because it is important to me, I make time to go before God because He is important to me.

What is important to you?

Be blessed today , may you find a surprise from GOD today !




The Goldfish bowl

I was somewhere a few weeks ago and these thoughts of goldfish bowls started coming to mind and I thought; ” This is odd” , but then I clued in: blog . Then I thought, “who blogs about Goldfish bowls and where are you going with this GOD!”

Apparently , me.

Several years ago , I had gone through a difficult time, and coming through it, I decided to buy a fish . I knew that looking at fish swimming  can be calming and relaxing and I like animals so why not.

Even my Doctors  office at the time had a big aquarium in the waiting area for patients to enjoy while they waited for their appointments.

Anyways, so I went out to the pet store and got the bowl, stones,  net, cleaner, plants, fish food and fish. I took the time to set it all up and did all the right things to introduce the fish into the right water temp.

I decided his name would be Leonard.


He looked happy in there swimming around the plants, in and out of the toy rock I stuck in there. He was a content fish! Content of his surroundings as small as they were.

I put the fish bowl high up on a shelf where nothing could get at it , somewhere where he would be safe from the two cats we owned. I enjoyed Leonard for weeks until :

One early morning, between 5:30 and 6:00 out of a deep sleep , I heard a loud crashing sound! When your sound asleep and you hear this noise, you first wonder if it was a dream or if you heard it at all? so , I sheepishly got up and opened my door and walked into the kitchen.

There on the floor was our kitten with  a bunch of broken glass, stones and in the water; Leonard. He was still moving and I was trying to get to him but I had bare feet and I could not just run through slippery water with the  broken glass! He was stuck on that floor until I could get to him and do something. I could see him trying to breath .  Carefully , I picked him up but by the time I got to him, he died in my open hand. I really was sad, even though it was a fish. He meant something to me. I also have a love for animals of all kinds and I don’t want to see them hurting.

Even though I had put that fish bowl high up where I thought the kitten couldn’t get at it ; she still did and she knocked over the bowl onto a very hard kitchen floor that shatters glass really easily.

Have you been living in a goldfish bowl? Same thing day in and day out?  You know how some goldfish bowls are made with a thick wall of glass?, are you living behind a thick wall? Then something in life comes and shatters and breaks your life, and your stuck down onto the floor, what are you going to do? Do you think God comes and picks you up from that state and holds you in his open hand? You bet He does!!!!! Are you just going to lay there and wiggle and let the air get sucked out of you? Will you let GOD come and pick you up and breathe life into you again?

Its up to you but know that HE loves you, He cares for you, no matter where you are in life. Let him pick you up out of the shattered state and let Him take care of you today!. Amen?.