Adoption to Sonship: it got real a long time ago.

I wanted to share a bit about my life as a adopted child. What life was like for me growing up.

Adoption : is to take on the legal responsibility as a parent of ( a child that is not ones biological child. ( Can apply Spiritually too)

Son ship : is relationship between a father and son. ( Spiritually- Daddy God and you)

Here is a tad snippet from my life story:

I was given up at 2 days old and given to a  Thai hospital in Northern Thailand. Although, I don’t know the details because this was in a 3rd world country (very rural part of Thailand) and 1970.  I believe she would have had to walk many miles or hitch a ride of some sort. Somehow my mother was able to get me to the hospital. I stayed there until I was adopted at 4 months old by missionaries to Thailand.  My biological mother gave me up so that I could have a better life; as she was very sick.  I learnt recently that Thai people wouldn’t  usually give up a baby, that there would always be someone in the family that would take the child. So, I was special to begin with!

I grew up in a kind household. I always knew I was adopted because I could see the difference in our skin color. Mom and dad always told me I was adopted; they wanted me to understand at an early age. Knowing this was more helpful as I grew up probably understanding a bit more than the normal person would about adoption.  We were stared at especially in Thailand with two white adults and a tiny Thai baby.

I went through the teenager ” rejection” phase; it was just more intense being adopted and feeling that isolation of trying to figure out who you are in life.

I went through some different  counselling with different people and God healed my heart through the years.

I finally understood my biological mothers feelings; I put myself in her shoes. What it must have been like to let me go for a better life.  I did have a much better life than I would have if I had stayed with them in a tiny small concrete house in a rural village. The opportunities of learning and growing I had were tremendous compared to where I would have grown up.

Spiritually, He took me and adopted me into His own, He made me a ” son” through His love.

God had a plan for my life. He took me in as His own, He teaches me things every day from my life story. To Him I am grateful, I am His friend and He is mine!. He is my Abba Father , taking care of me, providing for me, letting me have my own choice.  He is the best Father ever!


We are chosen. We are no longer slaves, but a son, and if a son than an heir through GOD. ( Galatians 4:1-21…Read it!)

I am Blessed, Chosen, Adopted, Redeemed and Forgiven! Glory to GOD!

Thank you Abba Father.




Memories of Dad:

Dad, you were the one that lead me to Jesus Christ when I was 3 year old. You taught me about prayer and the Bible. You taught me about life and living in this world. You taught me about  sharing what we have with others and with those in need.

You laid the foundation steps to humanity and taught me how to respond in dignity.

I miss you and think of you often. The fun times where you threw me in the air and caught me again. I always knew you would catch me , that is why I wasn’t afraid. I remember the deep laughter we shared during those times.

Thank you for your fathers love  and teaching me about Jesus’ love for me. I am able to love because I understand love.

Thank you for spending your time to teach me so much. I love you daddy .

love, Judy

My Time


The beginning of this week I was thinking , ” How am I going to write a post this week, I don’t have much time.”  That got me thinking I could write a post on TIME.

I’ve got a story about time to tell you , that’s for sure!.

I don’t know how you spend your time but I try to use the time I am given during a day , in a useful, wise and fulfilling way. Some people use the saying ” Time is money” to describe their current life stage.  For me, I try to fill my days in a more of a simple, restful way; though it wasn’t always like this.

About a year and half ago , I worked in a Dr. office and I would leave home around 7:20am and get there at 7:30. I would then get all the catch up work, from the previous day done and the  new day fully prepared by 9. The patients would start arriving and my day would officially start!. You have to be right on fulltime when working in a Doctors office; because your dealing with peoples lives . So, I was always in thinking mode &  arranging things to improve their health. I would work all day and then not leave until between 5:00pm  or after!. By the time I got home, I just needed some time to come back down to a resting stage. I just needed to get off that “thinking level” and do normal stuff. I often felt I didn’t have much time to do stuff I wanted to do, or spend the time I wanted to spend with God. Like time was running my life. This was for about a year ; as I was taking over a Maternity leave.

Around this time, we had also had our house up on the market for sale and in the 6 month time period , we had over 100 house showings ; which meant I had to clean the house spic and span for showings on top of everything else!. MY family helped clean as well, so that was helpful- but you get the just of it- Time was short.  A very stressful time period in all our lives. Our house did not sell and the day we took it off the market , I got Plantar Fasciitis! and I do mean the very day!.  Like the house not selling wasn’t stressful enough , now I had this PF that made it very difficult to walk anywhere without extreme pain. I literally was limping here and there, I would get massive leg and foot cramps that sometimes jerked me out of a deep sleep ! It was a very difficult time period in my life.

The Lord started talking to me about REST.  “Seriously GOD”, I said. ” What if I don’t want to learn about rest this way?” …

Well, the Lord started taking me through a season of REST and I wasn’t liking it. You know how if your mad at God , you want to try to ignore Him  for a bit , but I eventually started listening to GOD about what He had to say. It was  a season of 6 months! 6 long months! and during that time I learnt about resting in Him, about how to better use the time in my day . Literally, I would take a chair into the back yard under the trees and lay there for hours; praying, listening, journaling a lot, reading the Bible. Day in and day out.

My feet got healed by GOD through a speaker I went to listen to last year.  I went from major pain ( for 6 months) to 98% healed in a matter of not even 10 seconds! GLORY TO GOD! By this time I had learned about resting in GOD and how to use my time more wisely.

These days I wake up and make the time to spend time with GOD, I do something that benefits my family, our house, I will read a informative book, listen to a informative lesson on YouTube. By that I mean , a teaching by a great teacher on God or on something I want to learn. I take notes so I can further delve , I take time to email or call people that God puts on my heart, or I will go visit someone and give them my time.

GOD has my time & then I make sure that my husband and kids have my time.

So, that is my story on MY TIME. What does your time look like? Are you satisfied on how you use your time that your given each day? Do you need to learn rest? Don’t pray it unless you mean it !

I’m glad for my time of rest because I learnt so much from the best teacher of all! Thank you GOD for teaching me about time! I don’t have to be a slave to time!

Make a difference in your life today!

Picture Perfect

picture frame

We all have seen Photo frames for sale while we were in a store. You know the ones with the extremely happy people in them?  A façade to make you buy the frame no doubt. Seriously, whose going to buy a frame with a picture of people looking grumpy and down?

Did you ever look at those people and think to yourself even jokingly , ” I wish!”

Do you have friends that seem like their life is perfect,  no problems, nothing to worry about, nothing ever goes wrong for them; like life handed them a golden key?

Some of us and probably, all of us at one point in our lifetime have tried or maybe I should say STRIVED to look perfect on the outside. To have the perfect house, car, gardens, electronics, clothes, suites, shoes etc… thinking to ourselves ; ” If everyone sees how beautiful my stuff is and how expensive it looks; they will think of me better.  They will think I’m important in this world”. “People will think I have it all together.” ” People will think I’m cool, they will like me.” On and on these thoughts go through our minds ,  and deeper and deeper we believe it.

Let me tell you,  its a façade ! Just like those picture perfect people in the frame  that you bought. Its okay to have nice things, we all like nice things; its the attitude behind it .

Stop Striving to look like those people in the frame, who are probably air brushed and photo shopped. Be who  God made you to be! There is only one YOU in this world! Think about that. Only one YOU!

Why don’t you put yourself in the frame of GODS PICTURE for your life? He designed you, He loves you! Tell yourself today, ” God loves me, He designed me , He has a plan for me!” go ahead; silently or out loud.

Jeremiah 29:11 says , ” For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Focus on HIS development for you!

Have a great day!


Potato peels

I get inspired with the weirdest things:  

I was getting supper ready for my family &,  peeling potatoes for a roast dinner when I started thinking about potato peels. As the peels started falling off I started seeing the vegetable. There was dirt from the skin of the peels , from my hands on this newly peeled potato.  There were pits and dark spots inside that I had to cut out. But once I got rid of the pits and all the bruised parts, washed the potato in clean water, it was ready to go! ( into a pot of roast ; that is)


I wonder if this could be Analogy for our lives sometimes? Think about it. No, I do not mean that we look like potato’s or this is a new description of our body shapes. ( why are they all  fruit? Pear shapes, Apple shape etc…? I guess you can throw in a veggie in that case!)

Anyways, we all can relate to the dirty unwashed, unpeeled potato. But once we peel back the skin and get rid of it, we are this beautiful specimen! Yes some of us have those dark spots and pits in us that we need to work on , but its not like we are all rotten inside!

It shows us that we are all human, we all have things to work on!  For instance:  It could be a wall  that we put up to keep hurt and people away, it could be anger, jealousy, hatred; you get the idea. Think about it for a bit while I continue on with the story.

Once I peeled the potato , I added it to a roast pan with meat, spices and other vegetables to cook, so, once you let go of the ” skin” that is holding you back, you can then effectively contribute to others lives, join in with others and be a positive help. I’m not saying you cant contribute while having the ” skin” on, I am just saying that when you have that “skin” off, things change in  your mind and heart.


Not everything has to be super spiritual:)!

Be blessed today,